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Yunga intros his comic.
"The Adventures of Yunga Neko" by Dora-chan

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About This Strip:
This comic started as a sort of joke back in November of 2000. I had been following several webcomics and thought to myself, "Hey, why not?" and started doodling the very first Yunga Neko strips. ^n.n^; They weren't very impressive, art-wise, but that wasn't the point. The point was to do quick little strips with cute, SD sort of art that would (hopefully) be amusing.

Aside from being a way to amuse myself, there are a couple of "messages" embeded in the overall story-line of Yunga Neko. One of the big things is racism and how stupid it is. ^n.n^; Another would be, "Be yourself," and another is, "Love is love, no matter who it's directed at." Corny, ne? ^n.n^;;

About the Author: dora-chan
Dora is...
...a girl in body.
...a very boyish girl in mind. anime/manga otaku.
...16 years old.
...137 lbs.

FAQs and Answers:
None here yet... Iffin you want to contribute, feel welcome! ^n.n^

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