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Yunga intros his comic.
"The Adventures of Yunga Neko" by Dora-chan

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Strip for Friday , May 3 , 2002
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4.5.2K2 -- Just a note on the strips to come (concerning SSR): if you REALLY want to see Dancing Megatron, I highly recommend you go here. I shamelessly stole the idea from them. ^n.n^; Also, next week may or may not have strips because school stinks and I'm having a rough time of it. I'll at least try to do an omake with Megatron and Starscream if I can, though. XD

22.4.2K2 -- Well, the strips are likely to be a little sporadic, but I am trying my best. However, in the last weeks of skool, everyone likes to lump projects on you and this is no exception. Anyway, we're only a few weeks away from YN's 100th strip. ^___^ It certainly took me long enough, ne? I'm thinking I might do a guest week to commemorate, so if anyone wants to contribute, LET ME KNOW! ^n.n^

1.4.2K2 -- Enjoy the new strips, folks. After this week there will be a week of silence because I will be on vacation this week and I won't be able to do any new strips in time. I may try to draw a few omake strips about my break, but those will probably be a daw or so late too. ^n.n^; Anyway, after next week, though, we will continue Yunga's adventures in Spring Breaky-ness.

30.3.2K2 -- We'll be resuming our Mondy-Wednesday-Friday schedule this week. Now that school's settling out, things should be getting back to normal. I plan on redoing some pages (tho I like the nice blue layout we have now), adding an art page, etc. Do enjoy! ^n.n^

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